Do you have a specific design and colours in mind for your Custom Dance Uniforms?

Let us help you!

Below is just a small selection of the colours you can choose from.


Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 001

Custom Dance Track Jacket 001

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 002

Custom Dance Track Jacket 002

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 003

Custom Dance Track Jacket 003

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 004

Custom Dance Track Jacket 004

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 005

Custom Dance Track Jacket 005

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 006

Custom Dance Track Jacket 006

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 007

Custom Dance Track Jacket 007

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 008

Custom Dance Track Jacket 008

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 009

Custom Dance Team Jacket 009

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 010

Custom Dance Track Jacket 010

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 011

Custom Dance Track Jacket 011

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 012

Custom Dance Track Jacket 012

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 013

Custom Dance Track Jacket 013

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 014

Custom Dance Track Jacket 014

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 015

Custom Dance Track Jacket 015

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 016

Custom Dance Track Jacket 016

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 017

Custom Dance Track Jacket 017

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 018

Custom Dance Track Jacket 018

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 019

Custom Dance Track Jacket 019

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 020

Custom Dance Track Jacket 020

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 021

Custom Dance Track Jacket 021

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 022

Custom Dance Track Jacket 022

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 023

Custom Dance Track Jacket 023

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 024

Custom Dance Track Jacket 024

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 025

Custom Dance Track Jacket 025

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 026

Custom Dance Track Jacket 026

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 027

Custom Dance Track Jacket 027

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 028

Custom Dance Track Jacket 028

Custom Dancewear Track Jacket 029

Custom Dance Team Jacket 029

Custom Dancewear Team Jacket

Custom Dance Track Jacket 030


“I cannot speak highly enough of this company. From the moment we started creating designs to receiving our finished products the one on one staff attention was fantastic. Every question or concern answered immediately. The products are beautiful we are very happy with our new dance uniforms” – Ally Walker Dance Academy









Protection from light rain and wind

Available in Unisex and Ladies Sizes

Two lining options available


What sublimated colours can we choose from?

Using the Red Oak Teamwears sublimated process there are 300 plus stock standard colours to choose from. We send our sublimation colour chart to all likely customers to assist and make the design and order process easy. What you see is what you get. We make colour easy.

Can you customise sublimated Dance Track Jacket with our logo?

Yes! The sublimation process embeds all club and sponsor logos into the garment. This enables all garments to maintain 100% breathability. There is no cost to add club or unlimited sponsor logos.

What is the most commonly used decoration method?

We do not recommend using embroidered or screen printed logos on sublimated garments. It can be done but it adds costs and reduces product performance.

Can you send us a mock-up of what our custom Dance Team Jacket would look like?

Yes! We offer free artwork concepts. We work with you to create a design brief. We provide free pre-production print files on fabric to ensure production accuracy. Sign off samples can be provided upon request.

Are our custom sublimated Dance Track Jackets affordable?

Yes! Red Oak Teamwears source directly from factory partners in China. Red Oak Teamwears prides itself on quality, custom manufactured products at unbeatable value. Plus we simplify the process and make it easy for you.

Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered. If ordering 100+ Custom Sublimated Team Jackets price per unit will be $71.00ea + GST including all set-up costs.

We have garment solutions to suit all budgets

Are there any artwork set up fees?

No, we have developed systems that enable free artwork concepts on all sublimation orders. Occasionally fees are charged for sponsor logo redraws or if excessive design alterations are requested.

What sizes are available?

Our Custom Sublimated Dance Track Jackets are available in unisex, ladies Adult and Youth sizes.

The specific measurements for each size are:

  • Ladies Sizes are 8 through to 24
  • Unisex Sizes are XS through to 5XL
  • Youth Sizes are 4Y to 16Y

To assist with sizing we have two methods.

  1. For more fitted style garments we send size sets. To do this we charge a one off postage and handling cost.
  2. Size charts can be emailed to assist with making sizing easier.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order quantity on all sublimated garments is 10 units across a variety of sizes on 1st orders.

Can I request a sample?

Yes! If you’d like to view product quality and fabric colours, Contact us to request samples and a free quote.

The following steps are followed upon receiving quote approval

  1. we send a sublimation chart to view our 300+ standard colours
  2. we create free artwork concepts in your team colours including logos for your approval
  3. we provide pre-production printed strike offs for approval

Do you have testimonials from other Red Oak Teamwears customers?

Yes, we have thousands of happy customers who have raved about the quality of our products and how efficient and friendly our sales team is. You can check out our client testimonials here.

Our Dance Team Jacket developed in collaboration with the Dance community and Red Oak Teamwears’ in-house design team is a piece of custom sportswear that will ensure your team can prepare for any competition comfortably and in complete style.

Made from a Taffeta/Microfibre outer fabric this particular garment will protect your team from light rain and wind.

With 2 lining options available (Fleece or Jersey) you can fully customise your jackets to suit your team’s specific needs. With a unisex jacket also available you can easily customise your jacket from over 300+ colour options through our sublimation printing process.

Our in house graphic design team will create free artwork concepts utilising your logo and any sponsor logos you may have.

Our prices are factory direct to ensure you receive the best custom Dance Team Jacket. Production lead times are industry best to ensure these quality Dance Team Jackets are received ready before your next performance or major event.


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